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Thomas Brewer

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Thomas Brewer knew he wanted to work in journalism from a young age, due to his fascination with his daily newspaper, The New York Times. Though he was first drawn in by the comics section and his urge to see what antics Peanuts and Marmaduke would get into next, he slowly grew to appreciate that there was a section for everyone, be it sports fans or be it the politically minded. When Thomas attended college at NYU for a Creative Writing degree, he sought out a position at his university student newspaper, The Washington Square News. This gave Thomas the creative freedom to write about anything on his mind and he took pleasure in bringing a smile to people's faces through his pithy articles. His favorite subjects to write about were sports highlights and player trades, but his editor forced him to also work on satire. Thomas now works as a freelance writer and enjoys being able to write reviews and articles about all the recent developments in the realm of television and movies.
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