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Beat Bobby Flay Summary

  • Beat Bobby Flay is 6 hrs long
  • 0 Taping(s) per week
  • Opened March 3, 2014
  • Show Closes: Open ended
  • Cooking Competition Show
  • Cable

Beat Bobby Flay is a cross between a friendly cooking competition and a reality television show. The Food Network produces the show while Bobby Flay hosts.

Beat Bobby Flay Broadcast Time

Beat Bobby Flay airs at 11:30 PM on Thursday nights on the Food Network Channel.

Beat Bobby Flay Host Profile

Bobby Flay began has been cooking professionally at the age of 17. The young Flay made such an impression with his natural aptitude for cooking at his first job, the owner of the restaurant paid for Bobby to attend the French Culinary Institute. Less than 10 years later, Flay opened up his first restaurant, of which many more where to come. Bobby Flay debuted on The Food Network in 1994 and has been a fixture ever since, cementing his place as one of the most popular celebrity chefs in the world. Flay has starred or appeared in over seven different Food Network Programs, including his latest show, Beat Bobby Flay.

Beat Bobby Flay Host Accolades

Flay has appeared on several episodes of The Great Chefs series airing on PBS and later the Discovery Channel. These episodes included: Great Chefs – Great Cities, Mexican Madness and Great Chefs-Cook American.

As one of the premiere faces on The Food Network, Flay has hosted an array of shows on the network, some of which include: The Main Ingredient with Bobby Flay, Hot off the Grill with Bobby Flay, Grillin’ & Chillin’, Throwdown! With Bobby Flay Food Nation, 3 Days to Open with Bobby Flay, Boy Meets Grill, BBQ with Bobby Flay, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Brunch at Bobby’s, Worst Cooks in America ,Grill It! With Bobby Flay, Bobby’s Dinner Battle, and Beat Bobby Flay.

Flay has also made several guest appearances on Food Network shows over the years, some of which include: The Next Iron Chef, Wickedly Perfect, The Next Food Network Star, Emeril Live and Paula’s Party.

Beat Bobby Flay Background

Attending a taping of Beat Bobby Flay is appealing to both fans of the celebrity chef and foodies alike. The show involves competition between two highly regarded chefs. One of whom will take on Flay himself. In the first round, the chefs who must create a dish that has been specified by Bobby himself, so he can make it as tricky or easy as he likes. Sometimes he likes to improve his odds by making a seasoned chef create something so basic, that they mess up and do not go onto the second round to face him. After the chefs complete their dishes, the judges (other famous celebrity chefs) then critique and discuss the competitor's final product. The judges then select the chef they feel will provide the best competition to beat Bobby Flay. The final round cook-off involves Flay and the 1st round winning chef. The handicap for Flay in this match-up is that the 1st round chef gets to decide what dish they are going to prepare. On top of that, the dish is only revealed to Flay moments before the challenge begins, leaving him with only moments to mentally prepare how he will create the dish. The judges also do their best to distract Flay during his preparation, to give the non-famous chef more of an edge, which also makes the show a great deal funnier, with their amusing misdirects and antics all done to help the challenger beat Bobby Flay. The judging in the second round is supposed to be blind, but the judges are there for every step of the culinary creation, so it seems confusing that they would not know who created what. Despite the handicaps, Flay's talents and experience as a chef tends to find him victorious more often than not. However, it is not a rare occurrence for the challenger to upset Flay.

Bobby Flay alongside his panel of judges.
Bobby Flay alongside his panel of judges.

The set of Beat Bobby Flay was created very much with the intention of highlighting the culinary action. The audience members are positioned around the perimeter of the main stage, elevated to see all the action from a bird’s eye point of view. This arrangement, while providing a different and unique perspective has the drawback of not offering any seating. The main stage is comprised of two immaculate cooking stations, giving the chefs everything they would find in a conventional kitchen. This is where the chefs work their magic. In addition to these stations, the main stage is comprised of the judge’s table. This is where the drama and suspense unfolds as the judges critique the dishes and then decide on who created the better dish. The dim lighting surrounding the audience members provides a theater-esq atmosphere as they appear as silhouettes in the backdrop of the main stage. The omniscient fog-work and dramatic lighting used on the main stage makes for a pleasant visual as well as ups the ante in creating a dramatic atmosphere, in sharp contrast to the outside of the studio, in a commercial wasteland.

Audience members attending the show will enjoy the first-hand experience in witnessing celebrity chef Bobby Flay, sweat a bit as he tries to defeat some very talented competition. Those who are not fans of Flay or The Food Network are sure to find some entertainment in witnessing the drama of competition and also may find interest in witnessing the creation of some of the most tantalizing food around. For individuals who do not mind standing for an extended period of time, Beat Bobby Flay can provide an otherwise enjoyable experience for "foodies" and general entertainment seekers alike.

The show features Bobby Flay, a celebrity host and three celebrity guest chefs as the judges. The show airs on the Food Network on Thursday nights at 10 pm, but sees more views online than on TV after the show is aired. These shows are also favorites for foodies, how love to DVR the shows and watch them multiple times for their own cooking education. Food Network execs love this kind of TV show format as it is timeless and they could put the show into rotation for years, much like they did with Emeril's show, which can still be seen late night on the Food Network, right between some more contemporary cooking shows. Beat Bobby Flay is currently in its fourth season and continues to be a highly rated (both critically and in viewer ship numbers) program for the Food Network, carried by the enormous following of Flay, which he’s amassed with his longevity as one of the most recognizable TV chef personalities for the Food Network, finally beating Emeril Lagasse, the grand-daddy of these types of Food Network shows.

Beat Bobby Flay Notes

Noteworthy Dates for Beat Bobby Flay:

  • March 3, 2014: Series premiere of Beat Bobby Flay.
  • July 31, 2014: The second season of this TV show airs.
  • October 30, 2014: The third season of Beat Bobby Flay airs on the Food Network.
  • March 5, 2015: The fourth season of Beat Bobby Flay premieres marking the show's one-year anniversary.

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Bobby Flay Tickets are free. You can put in a ticket request by filling out an online form. This show is not currently taping, so check back soon and we will post the link

Beat Bobby Flay Show Schedule

This TV show tapes Tuesday through Fridays at different times in the early mornings (Times range from 6:45AM, 9:00AM & 11:45AM). Call time is half an hour and the taping lasts 6 hours. To be able to get the full $60 you must stay for the entire taping. You must keep in mind that audience members are standing for the filming of this TV show.

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