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What is the TV Show Ticket Guide?

Get access to exclusive discount codes and other special ticket discounts when you purchase the TV Show Ticket Guide. The purchase of the guide gives you 60-days access to the latest TV Show Tickets updated weekly! See refund policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our online TV show ticket guide is priced very low so its makes it a very easy decision for customers to purchase access. Customers do not have to worry about canceling a subscription as the products automatically terminate after 30 days and do not auto-renew. That being said, once the guides have been used by the customer, there is a no-return, no refund policy, unless the product was somehow incorrect, erroneous or misleading in some way.

The guide is like a newspaper, once you have bought them and read them, there is no refund unless there is an a error in the content (EG a TV show has closed for example or we said we had a discount when there was none). Duplicated sales are also refunded as requested. The definition of "used" is when a customer logs in to their account and reads premium content that is reserved only for members only. If we misrepresent the contents of the guide then we will of course refund the account, but we work very hard to bring you accurate and timely discounts.

For each TV show you can usually get at least two tickets to the most popular shows, but less popular shows will allow up to four tickets. For group organizers, they will allow a group of up to 25 people, but you will need to request group ticket through another communication method. TV shows do like groups, but if the group fails to turn up (like the bus breaks down) then the TV show is stuck trying to find a TV show studio audience.

TV show production is haphazard at best and they do not usually provide pre-assigned seating for the studio. Seating is usually on a first-come first-served basis, so the early arrivals usually get the best seats. Often, studio audience coordinators will place the better looking people towards the front, so watch to see who gets wristbands and ask why.

Space is limited at the various TV studios and admittance is not guaranteed upon receiving a ticket. Audience is admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis. VIP tickets for a future date may be offered to ticket holders who are turned away. The VIP tickets mean that you will not need to get on line next time you come and will be seated in a great seat at the front.

Sorry, but eating or drinking in the studio is NOT allowed. Coffee shops and restaurants are nearby for those of you who would like to eat before the show. Most TV show studios do not supply any food or drink and some do not even allow a bathroom break. This means that you should be fed and watered before you come and better get to the bathroom just before you get on the studio line.

Many TV shows do allow cameras and camera phones They reserve the right to ask you not to use your camera at any given time. Video cameras and the taking of flash pictures are not permitted. Selfie sticks are not permitted to be used in the studios. SLR's and cameras with detachable lenses are not allowed as they are a bit too professional.

To cut down on TV show production costs most studios have made ticketing online only. After getting confirmation of attendance, the audience co-ordinator at the studio will put your name down on a list which they will check off at the taping.