TV Ticket Guide Refund Policy

Our online TV show ticket guide is priced very low so its makes it a very easy decision for customers to purchase access. Customers do not have to worry about canceling a subscription as the products automatically terminate after 30 days and do not auto-renew. That being said, once the guides have been used by the customer, there is a no-return, no refund policy, unless the product was somehow incorrect, erroneous or misleading in some way.

The guide is like a newspaper, once you have bought it and read them, there is no refund unless there is an a error in the content (EG a TV show has closed) Any duplicated sales (where the buyer puts the order through twice) are automatically refunded, but if any slip through our system, we are more than happy to refund.

The definition of "used" is when a customer logs in to their account and reads the premium content that is reserved only for members only. If we accidently misrepresent the contents of the TV guide, then we will of course refund the sale, but we work very hard to bring you accurate and timely TV ticket opportunities.