TV Tapings

Most New York TV shows need a studio audience otherwise the show can look pretty flat on TV without audience interaction. Some TV productions use a live audience while others use taped reactions. While a live audience costs more, it often pays dividends in the quality of the program and is a great way to reward loyal fans of the show. Having a live show also engages fans in ways that social media never could. In order to put on the show, the TV production company gives out free tickets for a TV show taping and fans are encouraged to attend the show. Some shows treat their fans better than others, with food, gifts and even payment for their time, while other popular shows provide little reward for the fans that have to sit through hours of taping. Attendees often have the chance to meet the hosts of the show that will engage with the audience between takes, although this can vary significantly between shows and is often directly connected to how popular the show is. Some shows allow guests to take photos during a taping, while others police a strong policy of no photos before, during or after the taping.