The Greg Gutfeld Show Summary

  • The Greg Gutfeld Show is 1 hr long
  • 1 Taping(s) per week
  • Opened May 31, 2015
  • Show Closes: Open ended
  • Political Satire
  • TV Broadcast

The Greg Gutfeld Show, is a news show, with a satirical comedic tilt, airing on Saturdays at 10:00 PM ET on the Fox News Channel. The eponymous show title, refers to the Fox News Personality, Greg Gutfeld, who in addition to being a Fox News personality, is an author, editor and blogger. A self-proclaimed libertarian, the host uses the platform of The Greg Gutfeld Show, to share his thoughts on current events in politics. As the show appears on the Fox News Channel, there is an evident slant of conservatism and mocking of the left. The show has not shied from involving humor in its presentation as the program has included segments such as: “Katherine Timpf, Op-Ed”, in which Katherine Timpf (who has since moved to the regular panel) provided “fact-checking” throughout the show. Timpf, took on the persona of an indignant ultra left-wing feminist who would disparage the panelists in a manner that would simultaneously poke fun at the persona she was caricaturing. The show also includes the segment, known as the “Liberal Panel”. The segment includes a robotic character, that is literally a panel on a wall, whom Gutfeld occasionally asks for opinions on the show’s topics. The robot then responds with ultra left-leaning comedic responses, meant to ridicule the left.

The Greg Gutfeld Show Broadcast Time

The Greg Gutfeld Show is broadcast on Channel 5 FOX. Saturdays at 10PM Eastern Time.

The Greg Gutfeld Show Host Profile

Greg Gutfeld was born on September 12 1964. Aside from his obligation on The Greg Gutfeld Show, the TV personality also serves as one of the five co-hosts on the Fox News political talk show The Five. Born in San Mateo, California, Gutfeld attended the University of California, Berkeley graduating with a B.A. in English. Ironically the Fox News personality has credited his experience at UC Berkeley with steering him toward his conservative views.

The Greg Gutfeld Show Background

Upon the show’s inception in 2015, the program went without a live studio audience. The show would eventually transition to including a studio audience but attendance is limited. Those interested in the show need to contact the show directly. Upon contacting the show interested participants will receive an email with further instructions to request tickets.

The audience is to arrive at 6:00 PM and taping runs from 7:30-8:30 PM, unless otherwise stated. Audience capacity is usually filled quickly and those interested in attending, have to wait a minimum of two months. Unlike most shows, the show does well in accommodating its audience members, as they provide food and beverages for those in attendance, there is no outside food and beverages allowed.

Cell phones are to be powered off upon entering the studio, and no photographic equipment (with the exception of cell phones) are allowed, and must be left with security.

The show incorporates these segments in an effort to bring levity to its news format and provide satirical news in the same fashion as Comedy Central’s Daily Show. Given the show’s Saturday 10 PM time slot on Fox News, the show is given more creative freedom to deviate from the conventional “news-only” programs that already proliferate the Fox News Channel.

The Greg Gutfeld Show Ticket Information

You can get FREE tickets by emailing the TV show. The Greg Gutfeld Show does not have an online form because the studio is very small. This audience is meant to be private and intimate

Studio Information

FOX Studios at The News Corporation Building

1211 6th Avenue
Between 47th and 48th Streets
New York, NY 10036
Directions: Take the MTA B train to 42nd Street Bryant Park or E train to Port Authority Bus Terminal then walk 15 minutes towards the building.

Cast Members

Greg Gutfeld

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