Free TV Tickets For Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers Summary

  • Show Status: Active
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers is 1.5 hrs long
  • 4 Taping(s) per week
  • Opened February 24, 2014
  • Show Closes: Open ended
  • Comedy/Talk Show
  • Cable

Late Night with Seth Meyers is a late night talk show made up of celebrity interviews, on-screen games, musical guests and a left-leaning opening monologue by Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers Ticket Information

Tickets for the show can be reserved online, and are the best way to ensure that you get into the show. If you have not done this, you can receive a stand-by ticket for the day’s show on a line outside the NBC Experience store at 9AM, but this does not guarantee you a seat.

Although the final show tapes at 6:30pm, you are requested to be present at 5PM Even if your seat is “guaranteed”, it’s best to show up at the requested time to ensure that you will receive seating since the show practices overbooking.

Both in-advance and standby tickets are available for taping of the transmitted show of Late Night at 9AM daily

Meyers also performs a monologue rehearsal each afternoon. Tickets for the 4pm monologue rehearsal are distributed Monday-Thursday at the NBC Experience Store at 12:30pm.

Late Night with Seth Meyers Show Schedule

Late Night with Seth Meyers is taped from 6:30PM to 8PM Mondays through Thursday. This show tapes 12 months a year although the show does go on a week hiatus every eight weeks.

Late Night with Seth Meyers Broadcast Time

The show is airs weeknights 12:35 AM - 1:35 AM EST on NBC and NBC Affiliates across the US. The Friday shows are reruns.

Late Night with Seth Meyers Age Requirements

You must be at least 16 years of age to attend a Late Night taping

Late Night with Seth Meyers Host Profile

Late Night's host Seth Meyers was a long-time member of Saturday Night Live from 2001 to 2014. Meyers has been the writing supervisor, co-head writer and head writer on the popular sketch show. His most recent appearance on Saturday Night Live was as a Weekend Update anchor alongside Cecily Strong. The most anticipated skit on Weekend Update was the quirky banter between Meyers and Bill Hader's character Stefon, the go-to person for 'hot spots' in New York City.

Late Night with Seth Meyers Background

NBC's Late Night with Seth Meyers show has two types of experiences, the first is the monologue rehearsal show which is a fun, relaxed show that lasts about an hour where Seth tries out the funniest jokes of the day and decides on what jokes go into the final show based on the audience reaction at this show. The second show is the live show which is shot a little later and is a bit more buttoned up, but has skits and New York and Hollywood celebrity guests appear. Late Night with Seth Meyers has to compete with many other late night shows for celebrities, so this show can suffer from a lack of A-List stars, but the show bookers do a great job in getting much more interesting celebrities to make up for the apparent lack of guest stardom.

NBC's Late Night with Seth Meyers practices 40% overbooking policy so many people with reservations to the live show may not get in, so they may just have to be happy with the monologue rehearsal. This makes using the standby line for the main show very unpredictable for getting to see the full show.
Meyers addresses the audience before the taping begins to warm them up, and makes them laugh with his own particular brand of humor in between segments.

Former Vice President Joe Biden joins Seth Meyers
Former Vice President Joe Biden joins Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers has been hosting Late Night with Seth Myers since February 2014 when Jimmy Fallon replaced the legendary Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. Meyers follows the traditional Late Night format with an opening monologue, light hearted banter, celebrity interviews and occasional sketches.

He is joined each night by the 8G Band (named for the studio where the show is taped) led by friend and former SNL alum, Fred Armisen.

The jokes for Meyers’ monologue are written by a team of 12 writers that create new jokes daily, beginning at 9:30am and working until around 3:30pm. At the 4pm monologue rehearsal an intimate studio audience helps Seth to determine which jokes he will use in the show that evening. Seth picks his favorite jokes and then rehearses them in front of a live audience to determine which ones will be included in the taping at 6:30pm. Only the jokes with the loudest laughs are chosen, and a couple of sketches are also rehearsed. A Q&A with the writer is also allowed briefly before entering the studio.

The Late Night pickle has been passed to each host of Late Night since Letterman's departure in 1993. Letterman's staff stated that they found the pickle in the studio when Late Night began. Letterman passed the pickle to O'Brien who then passed it to Jimmy Fallon. At the end of his 5-year run, Fallon passed the pickle to Meyers in February 2014.

Late Night with Seth Meyers Notes

Show Notes:

Be prepared to go through security checkpoints and metal detectors. No food and backpacks are allowed in the studio, so eat before you arrive. There is no bag check, so only bring a bag that you don’t mind carrying with you into the studio. All cameras and electronic devices must be turned off completely before stepping into the studio, as no individual’s photography or filming is allowed. You will not get away with putting your phone on silent. If you are seen with your phone on during the show, you will be escorted out and do the walk of shame in front of everyone seated behind you.

NBC Studio 8G

30 Rockefeller Plaza
Between 5th and 6th Ave's
New York, NY 10112
Directions: Take the B, D, F, or M train to the 47-50th Street - Rockefeller Center and walk up 6th Ave towards W 59th Street. Or take the 1 train to the 50th Street stop and walk East on 50th Street towards 5th Ave. Take the N, Q, or R train to the 49th Street stop and walk up 7th Ave to 49th Street, then walk East on W 49th Street towards 5th Ave.
Studio Information

Cast Members

Seth Meyers
The 8G Band
Fred Armisen
The 8G Band
Eli Janney
The 8G Band
Kimberly Thompson
The 8G Band
Seth Jabour
The 8G Band
Syd Butler