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Jared Goodwin was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up on a strict aural diet of Rock ‘n Roll. Bands like Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin captivated his imagination and inspired him to work in music. After a few lackluster attempts at starting a band of his own, Jared turned to what inspired his musical rebirth, music journalism. He would go on to study journalism at Michigan State University and graduate with honors. Afterwards, Jared became a freelance writer and found employment at many music-based publications such as Kerrang, Alternative Press, and even a brief stint at Rolling Stone. Jared loved to express his opinions on certain bands and genres, making album reviews his favorite subject to write about. Nowadays, Jared still holds that deep passion for music, but has opened his field of journalistic expression into areas like television and specifically trying to give MTV an overdue rebirth. Jared has been on the TVTaping team since 2010.
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