Nick Cannon to produce and host his own daily TV talk show that includes musical guests, interviews and games that begins in mid-2020

After many seasons of hosting popular shows like The Nightlife, America's Got Talent and The Masked Singer, Nick Cannon gets his own day-time TV talk show similar to bastions of the medium, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Oprah Winfrey show. After enthusiastically filling in for a few days as the host of The Wendy Williams Show in February, 2019 (during Wendy’s extended break), Cannon realized that he enjoyed his experience as host so much that he would like to host his own show. He asked the Debmar-Mercury producers to go in with him and his company, Ncredible Entertainment, to produce his own day-time television talk show. The idea of the show is to give Cannon a new way to interact with his fans on a more regular basis. The show will be a platform for Cannon to speak about current pop culture events, what is happening in the hip-hop world and for him and his fans to discuss other hot-topics together. The Nick Cannon Show is set to air mid-2020.

Nick Cannon Accolades

Cannon has won many entertainment awards throughout his career. He has won a Hollywood Film Festival Award for “Ensemble of the Year”, a Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award for “Favorite Television Actor” from his 2002 Nickelodeon show and an NAACP Image Award for “Outstanding Supporting Actor” for his role in Up All Night as Calvin, Ava's best friend in the television series. He also has over 15 years of hosting previous TV shows, including but not limited too, Wild 'N Out from 2005 to 2019, America's Got Talent from 2009 to 2016 and his latest show The Masked Singer, which has seen unprecedented national success from 2018 to 2019.

Specifics About ‘The Nick Cannon Show’

Not only will the show be a loosely structured platform for Cannon to share his thoughts, the show will feature fun skits, celebrity guests for interviews as well as having them compete in entertaining games for various prizes. The Nick Cannon show will be different from other day-time talk shows by focusing mostly on hip-hop and music events. Cannon’s own producing company, Ncredible Entertainment, which he founded in 2009, struck a deal with Longacre’s Debmar-Mercury to produce the show together, with the ownership being split 50-50. For Debmar-Mercury, who also produces The Wendy Williams Show, Family Feud and Bojack Horseman, this deal is a no brainer for them to accept. After looking over Cannon’s extensive TV show hosting “resume” and seeing the fans response from his time on The Wendy Williams Show, Debmar-Mercury knew that they struck gold and were honored to be included in the deal. As of now it is unclear where the show will be recorded. Cannon has worked on shows in both Los Angeles and New York City, so he has gone wherever his gigs have needed him to be. Now that he is producing his own show the decision is still up in the air as for what city he will pick to record The Nick Cannon Show in. Many of Cannon’s aspiring show guests live in the Los Angeles area, but this may not be a good enough reason for him to record there. In New York City, Debmar-Mercury’s Wendy Williams records in the Chelsea Television Studios B, at the conveniently located, 221 West 26th Street and there is a good chance that they will let him use the same space. Cannon’s children, with ex-wife Mariah Carey, also live in New York City, and he will probably want to be close to them so he can be a good father figure as they grow older. The ultimate decision about the show recording location is still unknown.

Cannon Leaving ‘The Masked Singer’

With the announcement of his day-time TV talk show, it is assumed that Cannon will not be returning to host Season 3 of The Masked Singer. Because Cannon is both producing his new show as well as hosting it, he will presumably be too busy to host another TV show as well. By the time Cannon begins his new show he will have hosted The Masked Singer for a total of two seasons. While Nick was the host of The Masked Singer, the show saw consistent ratings between 7.1 and 9.4 million viewers per-episode, an extraordinary feat for a show of this type. The Masked Singer will most-likely be looking for a new talent to host the show as soon as Season 2 wraps up in mid-December, 2019. The rumor mill has up-and-coming Youtube personality, Liza Koshy, interested in the gig. Koshy feels that her “touch of diversity and funny-female self would be a great fit for the future of the show.”

Cannon Beckons A New Day In Non-White-Male TV Show Hosting

Many new non-white-male hosted TV-shows have been recently launched. Both The Kelly Clarkson Show and A Little Late with Lilly Singh started in 2019 with the NBC television network and exemplifies NBC’s commitment to diversity. With late night TV-show ratings going stagnant as all millennial’s now switch to streaming content, the white male TV hosts like, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O'Brien and James Corden begin to struggle. The industry has been looking for other more diverse hosts to take over the mantle and Nick Cannon fits the bill perfectly and should be able to help the industry develop. Even though the last late-night black male hosted TV-show was Arsenio Hall and that ended unfavorably in 1994.