Megyn Kelly launches her new TV show Megyn Kelly TODAY on NBC featuring the cast and creators of Will and Grace. Megyn Kelly Today airs Mon-Fri at 9AM-10AM.

Megyn Kelly show on NBC
In the newly spruced up NBC studio 6A at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, Megyn Kelly launched her new show Megyn Kelly Today live in the 9AM-10AM slot with a strong lead in from NBC's Today show that ended at 9AM EST. The new show had great promise with the multi-talented Megyn Kelly finally hosting her own TV talk show on NBC, for the very first time and the studio audience was revved up and ready to go. The room was palpable with electricity and Kelly promised to bring her amazing TV skills to the broadcast network, a network that differed from her on so many political and personal opinion issues. Mondays show turned out to be quite disappointing. Rather than an amazing event, the show quickly became a joke to the profession of journalism, almost like an SNL skit gone awry instead of a serious attempt at anything meaningful. Instead of going off with a hard bang, her new show felt more like a damp squib on a rainy fourth of July. Right out of the gate Kelly indicated that she will not be talking about any politics and absolutely nothing about Trump, who is clearly the massive elephant in the room. Kelly made her name as being a hard-hitting journalist, not afraid to ask Trump about his derogatory comments against women and here she is with a milk-toast show that is about as boring as one can get.
will and grace on megyn kelly today
If the whole world is talking about nuclear war with North Korea and NFL players kneeling for the national anthem and all Kelly wants to talk about is puppy dogs, flowers and nuns from Chicago, then there is a serious mismatch with expectations. If serious world events develop during the show's airing, the show's producers intend to skirt around them. Even Kelly, who was dressed like Dana Carvey's SNL church lady for the show, had all her fire taken away and we were just left with yesterday's brimstone. The show went through a customary NBC introduction run through, but then decided to dedicate 25 minutes of airtime to promoting the new season of NBC's Will and Grace (that will be begin airing on NBC on Thursday September 28, 2017 at 9PM EST, by the way). The Will and Grace segment felt like a late night infomercial and it clearly demonstrated to everyone that Kelly was happy to sell herself out for the reported $15 million and her profession of journalism was now dead, at least in her house. At least the studio production was somewhat glitzy, but a few technical faults did hamper the format and flow of the show but most of the mishaps did not make it to air. As always, the lazy 1iota audience management company provided a disappointing set of audience members with most of them being stolen from outside the Today studio minutes before, it's amazing how these chumps get paid for doing this work, but NBC execs seem to love them, despite their failures. The show lumbered along for a full hour with a couple of shallow, but heartwarming stories, but Kelly was clearly pandering to the NBC network executives and she was just fine with it. Her bank manager was also probably fine with it. The show lead in and the mid show appearance from the Today show hosts underlined how much they really hated her for getting this slot but as they watched Kelly's show develop on screen, they felt more at ease as it was clear that the network had just bought and paid for Kelly's soul, to stop her rocket-trajectory career at Fox TV dead in its tracks. The Megyn Kelly Today show should be renamed to Megyn Kelly: Spade and Neutered It seems ironic that the misogynist management at Fox are still the bad guys in all this, when the NBC execs seem to be far worse. The only difference is that NBC just smiles in your face while they kill your career. With the exit of all the big name muckety-mucks at Fox, Kelly could have been head of the network by now, but instead she is hosting her tawdry, shallow haus-frau vehicle that could actually mark the end of her professional TV career. The real star of her new show was the specially trained dog that the Today Show hosts brought along and Kelly did her best to ignore it. Kelly probably took a hot shower with a little bit of bleach to remove some of the lingering guilt from her decision to host this show, but she will be right back at it tomorrow, pumping out her crass content. Lets hope for more dogs on the show. Maybe one should host the show, it would probably have a lot more in common with the guests.