Former host of the Tonight Show, Conan O'Brien announces his two-month, 30 city road show tour with a stop at Radio City Music Hall

Conan O'Brien
Do you miss Conan and his witty banter (O’Brien, that is)? Wondering what he’s been up to since his unfortunate banishment from late-night TV? Well, New York, despair no more—Conan is headed your way. The (former) TV funnyman announced yesterday that he is embarking on a two-month, 30-city road show tour, featuring comedy and live music. He’ll be at Radio City Music Hall this June 1 and 2. The show will include his sidekick, Andy Richter, as well as the former “Tonight Show” band. If you were wondering if O’Brien has lost his edge, his tour will be starting in...Eugene, Oregon. Yup, you read that right. The tour will cover 20 states and two Canadian provinces, and will primarily include cities and college towns. O'Brien, for those of you who have stopped reading AOL headlines, left his post as host of “The Tonight Show” in January, when he was unceremoniously usurped by Jay Leno. Leno, of course, had hosted a daily 10 pm show with notoriously low ratings. He was given the coveted night-night slot--leaving O’Brien essentially nowhere to go on television. As part of his contract, O’Brien is prohibited from returning to the small screen until September 1 of this year. O’Brien has been in the news a fair amount lately--he recently announced that he would follow a randomly chosen woman on Twitter. O’Brien held the coveted 11:35 PM TV time slot starting in May 2009. Does he harbor hard feelings towards the whole fiasco and his exodus from TV? Well, his tour is called the “Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on television” tour--so you decide.