New daytime television talk shows Tamron Hall and The Mel Robbins Show begin taping upcoming episodes in New York City.

New NYC Morning TV Talk Shows

The morning TV talk show landscape has experienced some major line-up changes with the addition of two new shows that have begun taping in New York as of August 2019. Tamron Hall and The Mel Robbins Show are both upcoming daytime talk shows that innovate the current morning television programming while still being reminiscent of classic talk shows like Oprah and Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee.

Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall is the newest daytime talk show to be added to ABC’s esteemed morning lineup, alongside the likes of Good Morning America, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and Strahan and Sara. The show is typically taped on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, with double tapings occuring on Tuesday and Thursday so the show can air every weekday morning. The Tamron Hall Show is hosted by former Third Hour of the Today Show host, Tamron Hall. On her brand new daytime talk show, Tamron Hall incorporates everything she has learned during her long television career, from her years as a newscaster in Chicago to her time on the Today Show, to make an informative and inspiring program for her viewers. In her show, Hall covers everything from human interest stories to breaking news. Her self-titled talk show also features a daily celebrity guest interview in which Hall sheds light on her guests personal lives, their recent projects, and their opinions on hot topics. This morning talk show feels familiar thanks to its conventional show structure but has an intimate, friendly, and informational approach that differentiates it from much of its competition.

The Mel Robbins Show

The Mel Robbins Show is a new syndicated morning talk show that follows along the same lines as many previous motivational talk shows such as Oprah and Sally Jesse Raphael. The show currently tapes on a sporadic schedule and typically only records two days a week. However, on the days that they do film, multiple episodes are taped which allows the program to run every weekday morning. Host Mel Robbins has honed her craft of giving advice and leading people to solve their own problems through several best-selling self-help books, motivational television shows such as A&E’s Monster In-laws, and TEDx talks. On her new daytime talk show, Mel Robbins utilizes her skills as a life coach and motivational speaker to bring about a positive impact in all of her viewers lives. She accomplishes this task through intimate conversations with her audience members, philosophical discussions on human nature, and direct question and answer segments. The Mel Robbins Show carries a deep message to all of its viewers in every episode and attempts to fill the void in motivational morning television that has been present since Oprah went off the air in 2001. Her show satisfies a unique niche in the daytime television market, but is a must-watch for anyone who feels they want more out of life but can not find the answers themselves.