Megyn Kelly gets fired from the highest paid on-screen job at NBC News and her water-tight contract means that she is all set to get paid $25 Million dollars to leave quietly

Megyn Kelly was the highest paid anchor at NBC News, in fact she was the highest paid non-executive at NBC and it never did sit well with the rest of the staff at NBC, who have been biding their time ever since since she got there, so they could stab her in the back and send her back to Fox News. Kelly gave them just that opportunity by giving her own remarks regarding "blackface" and Halloween on her show Megyn Kelly TODAY on the October 23, 2018 show that gave the ultra politically correct left leaning hypocritical NBC staffers a great opportunity to get her - and to get her real good. The ever talented ex-weatherman, now talking head Al Roker used his own skin blackness as a way at getting back at her without inflicting any damage himself - and it was enough to mortally wound Kelly's career in the eyes of the NBC execs, enough that they ultimately pulled the plug. The hypocrite Al Roker knew first hand about all the Matt Lauer sexual shenanigans that went on for your for years, but he did nothing about them, demonstrating Roker as both a sexist and now a bigot.

NBC execs had been keeping a close eye on Kelly as the original reason they brought her on board was because she was such a rising star at Fox, they were worried FOX would bring out their own morning broadcast TV show and she would head it and then destroy both The Today Show and GMA in the process. They may have avoided that scenario for now, but Kelly leaves the network after just a year and is reputed to have walked away with $60 million+. So much money that she may feel that she would never need to work again, although her contract does stipulate that she actually cannot work for anyone else for the next two years or she will lose her NBC settlement.

Megyn Kelly's controversial blackface comments
Megyn Kelly's controversial blackface comments

Was The Event Orchestrated By Kelly or NBC?

NBC staffers may have wanted Megan Kelly out since the start, but this "controversy(wink, wink)" may have been the perfect excuse. The liberal management at NBC may still have to pay her the rest of her $20 million a year contract, so she can't be too upset over it. What is more likely, that she may have orchestrated this herself in the first place, which will allow her to keep the cash and go back and head up the News Division at Fox after another couple of years, a role she may be perfect for or could have NBC just been waiting to get rid of her and she agreed to hand them the perfect opportunity

NBC Execs React Badly Even Though Other TV Hosts Have Said Far Worse Things

So lets get back to Megyn Kelly. So many other TV show hosts (on the left) have said things far worse. Samantha Bee, Joy Behar, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher have said some insidious things, way worse things without being fired. Many people think that NBC paid a huge amount of money because to disagree with her opinion. Good deal for her. Bad deal for NBC. Let face it a deals a deal. They agreed to a long term contract at $20 million a year without understanding if she would be a good commodity for NBC. While she did well on conservative FOX but she never had a chance on liberal NBC, as they were all betting against her and stacking the odds. Because of the money she took the deal and will not have to work another day in her life should she choose not to.

$60 Million and early retirement. Great job Ms. Kelly! NBC just wanted her OUT, plan and simple $60 MILLION later they have their wish, so who really won? Probably Fox News. Al Roker even gave the movie "White Chicks" two thumbs up when he reviewed it in 2004, never mentioning once that it was inappropriate for black people to color their skin white, something that his favorite comedian Dave Chappelle also does regularly, but often to demonstrate social injustice.

Some believe that the whole thing was blown out of proportion anyway and NBC was just looking for an excuse to get rid of her since her show was not strong in ratings. NBC should pay every cent and be held accountable for entering into the contract - don’t complain about making a mistake after the fact. I hope it’s all tax free for Kelly too. I never cared for her or any other talk show, however I do think she has a right to her opinion. Glad she was paid well for it. NBC tried to stick it to FOX News by hiring Megyn. In the end, it didn't hurt FOX at all, and it cost NBC Millions.

Megyn Kelly Apolgizes to black people on her show
Megyn Kelly Apolgizes to black people on her show

Fox News Movie Begins Shooting

Quite coincidentally, shooting just began on the Fox News Movie with John Lithgow playing the late disgraced media mogul in the upcoming feature that centers on the women who took on the famed toxic male culture of the Fox news network and its ultimate demise. He joins Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie, who will play Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson and an associate producer, Elizabeth Tuttle, respectively.