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The Misery Index Summary

  • Show Status: Hiatus
  • The Misery Index is 4.25 hrs long
  • 5 Taping(s) per week
  • Opened October 22, 2019
  • Show Closes: Open ended
  • Game Show
  • TBS

Game show developed solely for TBS based on the popular card game "Shit Happens," which gamifies embarrassment, humiliation, and total misery for laughs.

The Misery Index Ticket Information

Free tickets to this show are available

The Misery Index Show Schedule

The show tapes five show per week

The Misery Index Broadcast Time

The show is broadcast at 11PM on TBS

The Misery Index Age Requirements

18 years or older to attend

The Misery Index Background

American television comedy game show developed for TBS that premiered on October 22, 2019. The show is based on the popular card game "Shit Happens," which is a game full of shitty situations that you’ll have to rank from bad, to awful, to WTF!

Is a 3rd degree sunburn better or worse than seeing your father naked? Is it worse than dropping your phone in the toilet? Rank the card, and if our Misery Index panel agrees with you, you get to keep it. Correctly rank 10 cards to win!

The Tenderloins and Impractical Jokers

The show hosted by Jameela Jamil, and stars the four members of The Tenderloins comedy troupe who also star in truTV's Impractical Jokers.

Andy Breckman Develops Game and TV Show

Andy Breckman, created and wrote the the popular TV shows Monk and The Good Cop, also created the card game "Shit Happens". He then went on to develop the TV version with Ben & Dan Newmark of Grandma's House Entertainment.

Show Format

The show features two competing teams, each composed of a non-celebrity contestant and two members of the Tenderloins, who will "attempt to determine the ranking of hilarious and miserable real-life events--from getting fired to accidentally sexting your grandfather--on a scale of 1–100.

TBS Backing

Michael Bloom, a senior vice president for TBS, said about the show's premise: "Andy Breckman and the Newmarks have hilariously gamified embarrassment, humiliation, and total misery.

NEP Penn Studios 401

401 7th Avenue,
New York, NY 10001
Directions: Take subway lines directly to Penn Station such as the MTA 1, A, C, E trains.
Studio Information

Cast Members

Jameela Jamil
Brian "Q" Quinn
James "Murr" Murray
Joe Gatto
Sal Vulcano


Ben Newmark

Dan Newmark

Adam Bold

Andy Breckman

Vin Rubino

Rob Anderson

Howard Klein

Brian Quinn

James Murray

Joe Gatto

Sal Vulcano