Fox & Friends Summary

  • Fox & Friends is 3 hrs long
  • 5 Taping(s) per week
  • Opened February 1, 1998
  • Show Closes: Open ended
  • Talk Show/News Program
  • TV Broadcast

Fox and Friends is a morning news TV show consisting of celebrity interviews and right-wing political discussions based on current events. The show is broadcast on the Fox News cable network channel from 6am-9am weekdays. This channel is not to be confused with the Fox Broadcast channel, as this is the Fox News channel that only appears on cable and satellite TV. This channel is sometimes hard to find on your tuner (Channel 618 on Verizon and channel 408 on TWC)

The show is a combination of news, weather, interviews, and human interest stories, as well as occasional segments for entertainment and cooking. It is currently ranked number one among cable morning news shows. The show began in 1998 as Fox X-Press. After 9/11, an additional hour entitled Fox and Friends First was added to the show. Eventually, the entire three hour show settled on the Fox and Friends title. Although the accuracy of the news may be sub par, no one can complain about production values, which are very high.

Fox & Friends Broadcast Time

Fox and Friends is transmitted in New York City area, on Time Warner channel 202 and Verizon FIOS 118. The show is broadcast from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM every weekday.

Fox & Friends Host Profile

Steve Doocy - Former morning news anchor and New York Times best selling author.

Brian Kilmeade - Former sports anchor

Elisabeth Hasselbeck - Former Survivor contestant, long time co-host of The View, wife to NFL quarterback Tim Hasselbeck.

Fox & Friends Background

Unlike most of the morning show television programs broadcast from New York City, Fox and Friends does not have a live studio audience, either in the studio or on the street. The show is shot at Fox Studios in its brand new state of the art studios, constructed at the corner of 48th and Sixth Avenue in the heart of Rockefeller Center. The new studio has a giant news ticker running on the outside of the building, broadcasting the latest news to passersby. Studio D, where Huckabee is filmed has room and includes a studio audience, but Studio E, home of Fox and Friends, does not. Oddly though, the sofa upon which the hosts sit, is in front of a window where the silhouettes of passersby are easily seen. In spite of the lack of a studio audience, the show does feature certain human interest segments, like cooking, lifestyle and relationships. However the cooking is done for the hosts by a celebrity chef and only seen by the viewing audience at home. During the summer months, the outdoor space is utilized by the All American Concert Series for famous musical acts from the heartland that are more likely to appeal to their viewers. It is a surprise that this show is not shot in a more appropriate locale such as Houston, Texas or Oklahoma City, where most of the shows viewers reside.

The show is well funded by Fox News. Everything from the set to the computer graphics are top notch, giving the program a sleek, modern look. That being said, Fox and Friends have suffered from news accuracy problems and has been questioned as a credible news source on many occasions. The TV audience for Fox and Friends does not seem to mind about the news accuracy issues and continues to remain loyal to the show. With the addition of Hasselbeck and the new "curvy couch," Fox and Friends scored a home run with their demographic. The show's target audience is: Middle America, non-college educated republican leaning viewers. To that demographic, the show is a cheery, morning news show. To the other parts of the demographic spectrum, the show is a source of mildly entertaining news but with some concerning accuracy flaws. Moreover, Fox and Friends has been accused by liberal pundits of often being politically incorrect, ignorant, racist, borderline sexist and providing news misinformation.

The show does, however, provide a counter to the often liberal media that exists on the other television channels. Fox and Friends has made no bones about its aspirations about wanting to become the number one broadcast network morning show on the Fox Network TV channel (channel 5 in NYC). This would replace the existing show in that slot, Good Day New York with Rosanna Scotto, Greg Kelly and Mike Woods. With Fox and Friends viewership numbers increasing year over year, there is a distinct possibility that they might just pull that off.

Fox & Friends Ticket Information

This TV show does not have a live audience. However, you can watch it live every week day on FOX.

Fox & Friends Show Schedule

Fox and Friends tapes live every weekday from 6AM to 9AM.

Fox & Friends Notes

All-American Concert Series:

In trying to compete with the Today Show and Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, sponsors the All American Concert Series, during the warm summer months. From 6am-9am, visitors can enjoy Dave's BBQ for free and enjoy and free music performances from acts from the Heartland. It is worth noting that the musical acts pale in comparison to the headliners secured by the Today Show or GMA. While they have A list acts like Beyonce and Taylor Swift, Fox and Friends has performances by Scotty McCreery and The Gin Blossoms

News Reporting or Right Wing Political Platform:

While offering a valid, and different viewpoint from many other liberal leaning news outfits, like CNBC, the reporting on Fox and Fox and Friends had been shown to be both biased and inaccurate. Study after study has shown that viewers of FOX and its news shows are less informed and more misinformed than viewers of other networks or those who do not watch the news at all. This ranges from the average fox viewer believing less in the scientifically proven phenomena of Global Warming to the belief that President Obama is a secret Muslim and was not really born in Hawaii. Writers from The New York Times and Time magazine have accused Fox and Friends for airing an inaccurate and inflammatory video clip about the Obama administration in May 2012. Although Fox executives backtracked and claimed the clip was not news but entertainment, it still garnered for Fox the highest rated cable show in its time slot.

Hosts are known for their inappropriate and sometimes Offensive Comments:

Hasselbeck has been outspoken in views against abortion (in even the case of rape or incest) and in response to The Ray Rice Controversy (where he is shown knocking his fiancee unconscious in an elevator) Hasselbeck (wife of a NFL quarterback) compared the handling of the incident to the handling of the BenGhazi embassy attack, while her co- hosts joked that Rice's fiancee should have taken the stairs. Brian Kilmeade has also made some disparaging remarks about Muslims. He asked meteorologist, Maria Molina, of Nicaraguan descent if she was brought up eating tacos (a Mexican food) and he stated that "in contrast to pure Swedes, who marry other Swedes, Americans marry different species and different ethnics"

Top Cable News Morning Show:

Fox and Friends continues to rank number one among the cable television morning shows. Its main competition is against MSNBC's Morning Joe, hosted by former Florida Congressman Joe Scarborough and CNN's New Day, hosted by Kate Bolduan and Chris Cuomo. The show attributes its number one ranking to the 2013 addition of Elisabeth Hasselbeck to its staff.

Fox & Friends Co-Host Hits Band Member with Axe:

Who will win the battle of the lumberjacks? Certainly not co-host, Pete Hegseth, on Fox and Friends that airs on the Fox News Channel. On June 22, 2015, the West Point marching band drummer Jeff Prosperie was hit directly in the right forearm with an axe, when Hegseth made a wild throw with a chromed-out felling axe that completely missed its intended target. Hegseth was reported as blaming show producers for encouraging him on to throw the axe harder than he did in the warm up. Amazingly the other band members kept drumming after Prosperie was hit (apparently they are trained to keep going whatever happens) and luckily Prosperie was not badly injured. No word yet from the Fox Corporation on the insurance claim, but as this is not the first physical mishap they have had on the show, producers may start to feel Fox executives wrath when it comes to wild and ill-advised stunts designed to generate ratings. Prosperie described the incident as "obvious negligence." He went on to say "I am thankful to God that the double-sided blade only hit broadside on the outer elbow with significant impact and a couple of cuts." This is another in the line of on-air physical gaffs that Fox and Friends had experienced recently, with other dangerous stunts that included changing a tire on a car that was still running in gear and tossing a basketball at a child's face. Fox and Friends producers cannot seem to get anything right. Just one block West from NBC's Today Show, Fox and Friends feels it is necessary to try to one-up The Today Show, even they do not even compete in the same bandwidth, with The Today Show being on Broadcast TV and Fox and Friends stuck on cable TV, with less than 5% of its NBC counterparts ratings. The upstart Fox and Friends shows some gumption, but with these kinds of incidents, someone is going to be maimed, or even killed, just to increase TV ratings.

Noteworthy Dates for Fox and Friends:

February 1, 1998: Fox and Friends airs its first episode

September 25, 2006: Gretchen Carlson was added to the co-host list

September 2013: Replacement of Gretchen Carlson with Elisabeth Hasselbeck

FOX News Studio J

1211 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10036
Directions: Take the MTA B, D, F, or M trains to Rockefeller Center 47th-50th Streets.

Cast Members

Steve Doocy
Brian Kilmeade
Elisabeth Hasselbeck


Executive Producer:

David Brown

Senior Producer:

Sean Groman


Laurie Weiner Rubin

Field Producer:

Allison Hedges

Segment Producer:

Daniel Bailey