Mad Money features many different segments throughout its 1 hour broadcast.

Mad Money with Jim Cramer Show Segments:

Cramer's show is comprised of different entertaining segments. Some of the more popular ones are: The Lightning Round, Sell Block, and Game plan. The Lightning Round is when a studio audience member mention a stock and ask for Cramer's opinion. One caller once asked about Coach, to which Cramer, replied that he bought his daughter a great Coach handbag, but had nothing to say about the stock. In the Sell Block segment, Cramer suggests the stocks that should be sold in the upcoming days and the Game Plan describes the investing strategy to be used for the upcoming week.

Taping Time Versus Broadcast Time:

The show normally tapes at 2PM on weekdays and is broadcast at 6PM the same day, with some repeats through the night. The market and Dow numbers that Cramer discusses while taping the show, might be different from the actual numbers when the audience at home watches because the show taped prior to the market close. This is well and good unless of course, it is a volatile market day. The Dow at 2 pm (taping time) could be very different from the Dow at the close of market at 4pm. In the event of a major fluctuation and newsworthy financial event, Cramer will re-record a portion of his show at 4pm, for airing that evening. In certain cases, he will go back and do the show live, which is what he has done in major market corrections and crashes.

Sounds, Gadgets, and Gimmicks:

Cramer uses a variety of props, gimmicks, sounds, and skits to engage his audience. He has plastic bulls and bears, which he throws out into the audience, or to the camera. He has a sound board, much like those seen on an early morning radio show, he is famous for throwing chairs, dressing in outfits (a surgeon for example), and his famous catchphrase, "Booyah." He begins his show with Welcome to Cramerica. He uses props like NFL penalty flags, to point out unethical or questionable behavior, as well as utilized fishing poles, giant symbols, and dancing girls, all to get his point across.

Back To School Specials:

Cramer brings his show on the road in a series of Back To School Specials. His first special, televised from Harvard (his alma mater) had former classmate, then NY Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer. Other schools Cramer has filmed at includes: The Wharton School, Columbia University, University of Michigan, Boston College, Georgetown, University of Virginia, Georgia Institute of Technology and Ohio State.

Generic Shows For Cramer's Time Off:

Cramer, like all television personalities, takes an occasional vacation. Because of his unique style and integration into the show, where other shows may have a guest host, CNBC chooses to air a pre-recorded show from their stockpile. These shows are not time sensitive, and have no mention of current stocks or market statistics. The topics may include: Strategies to Conquering the Stock market, How to Diversify your Portfolio, and How to Create a Long Term Investment Strategy.