Anderson Cooper Live could never reach success in the ratings and the show was cancelled in 2013

Anderson and Anderson Live Daytime TV Talk Show:

The nationally syndicated TV show Anderson, and Anderson Live, ran from September 2011 to May 2013 and was produced by Warner Bros and distributed by Telepictures. In New York City the show was broadcast on ABC and aired live as part of their mid-morning line up of talk shows. In 2011, the FCC declared the show a "news program" which made the booking and production more difficult, but meant that the show did not have to provide politicians with equal air time, with the run up to the election looming. Anderson Cooper's loyal following of news junkies enjoyed seeing this lighter side of Cooper and fans of daytime talk shows and human interest stories found the topics on Anderson Live intriguing. The one-hour TV show covered a number of topics, including entertainment, social issues, current events and trends, women's issues, human interest stories, and pop culture. Along with a rotating line-up of guest co-hosts, Anderson Cooper interviewed real-life people who shared their personal stories and insights, while also featuring celebrity guests. Anderson Live also included hidden camera experiments and undercover investigations that shed new light and understanding on a variety of social issues.

For the first season, the show was shot in the Time Warner Center at the beautiful Allen Room studio. This studio has a stunning backdrop of New York City landmarks including Columbus Circle and Central Park. This backdrop would sometimes eclipse the celebrity guest on the show, so producers had to shoot from varying angles as not to upstage the guest with the gorgeous city views. This studio was also very convenient for Cooper, as his 360 role also shoots in the Time Warner Center. For the second season, the show was moved to the Studio 42 soundstage at the CBS Broadcast Center on 57th Street, which had been the graveyard of many a great TV talk show, including the most recently expired The Nate Berkus Show. Cooper hoped to buck the graveyard trend with a fresh start, with a new name and a new studio. Despite having Cooper at the helm, the show had trouble getting ratings in an already crowded morning line-up of TV shows. Despite that, tickets for Anderson Live were always hard-to-get and resulted in people selling their tickets on Craigslist for $100 a pop. Despite this, the show was ultimately cancelled and the series' finale aired on May 20, 2013, Anderson Cooper never looked back.

Anderson Cooper's Personal Life:

Cooper is probably the most prominent openly gay journalist on television today. Although reluctant at first to discuss his sexuality, he publicly acknowledged being gay in 2012, when he realized that his being private was leading to the wrong idea that he was ashamed of being gay. His being gay has no doubt had an influence on some of the issues he champions. Equal rights for all people, ending gay conversion therapy and ending all forms of bullying in schools are all important to Cooper. Although the son of Gloria Vanderbilt, Cooper has had his share of challenges. He had to deal with the loss of his father and suicide of his older brother. He also suffered from dyslexia as a child. His accomplishments are his own, as he has made it very clear that he is not a trust fund baby.