Free TV Tickets For American Idol (Los Angeles)

American Idol (Los Angeles) Summary

  • Show Status: Hiatus
  • American Idol (Los Angeles) is 3 hours long
  • 4 Taping(s) per week
  • Opened March 11, 2018
  • Show Closes: Open ended
  • Talent Show Competition
  • TV Broadcast

American Idol is a singing competition reality show that was recently revived on NBC. The show features a panel of judges and is hosted by Ryan Seacrest.

American Idol (Los Angeles) Ticket Information

American Idol accepts online requests for advance tickets. The show allows potential audience members to request a maximum of four tickets. Click Here To Request Tickets. (show is on hiatus)

How Easy To Get Tickets?

The tickets for tapings of this show are pretty easy to get as they use a large theatre and fill it to capacity and the producers are always looking for more audience members. The end of season "live" show is a another matter altogether, as it is the most popular show of the series and gets the highest ratings.

Tickets to The Finale 'Live' Show

The end-of-season finale is a much tougher ticket to get than the mid-series tapings. This show used to give priority to people who have turned up to the prior tapings of the show, but this is no longer true.

It can be a bit of a free-for-all for tickets for the finale show, but its often depends on the popularity of the finale contestants. If the acts are lame or unrecognizable, its a tough sell to get audience members to come, but if the acts are strong and engaging, everyone wants tickets to see the show.

Applications for tickets for the finale show are opened two weeks before the show airs, because people who reserve at the start of the season are moss likely not to arrive.

#votefortheworst Campaign Affects Ticket Popularity

It also doesn't help when many people are joining the #votefortheworst campaign as a protest against this kind of television show. This is how the truly-awful Sanjaya Malakar made it into the finale in 2006. This has a terrible affect on the show and then on the popularity of the tickets for the tapings shows and the live finale show. The show hasn't seen that level of sabotage since then, but its still an issue and it affects ticket popularity - who wants to go and see terrible acts?

Producers Hold Back Tickets For Finale

For the show finale, the show producers often hold back some tickets for the standby line - last season it was 500 tickets on standby - they also provided 1500 tickets via the ticket system, which ticket-hopefuls needed a secret code to get access to.

The Access Code For Tickets

The access code for tickets to American Idol are published on their official social media pages, on the same day the ticket system is opened.
In the past they have also tried a lottery system for the finale show tickets, but that was scrapped after it crashed.

American Idol (Los Angeles) Show Schedule

The show tapes four times a week and drops the episodes in the can. It then begins broadcasting only one show per week until they catch up at the season finale Live show.

American Idol (Los Angeles) Broadcast Time

American Idol airs on various weeknights on ABC.

American Idol (Los Angeles) Age Requirements

Must be at least 16 years old to attend this taping

American Idol (Los Angeles) Background

American Idol is a Los Angeles-based singing competition in which aspiring performers first audition by singing an a capella tune during one of several audition sessions held in various cities throughout the country.

Are You Going To Hollywood?

If the TV show's judges like what they hear, the contestant is told "You're going to Hollywood!" During Hollywood Week, the contestants go through further elimination rounds until there are just 12 finalists left.

Format Of The Show

The finalists then take part in a series of live shows, which are usually done on a theme (e.g. they will all sing country tunes, or songs written by The Beatles). At the end of each live show, the American Idol viewers get to call in or text votes for their favorite performer. The singer with the least votes is eliminated until at last a winner is chosen.

Big Musical Stars Are On The Panel

Ryan Seacrest hosts American Idol, and many of the contestants enjoy their 15 minutes of fame during the course of the season (Sanjaya being the most infamous example). But the judges are the true stars of American Idol. Lionel Richie, country music star Luke Bryan, and singer Katie Perry headlined the new panel of judges.

Show Has Given Many Stars Their First Big Break

American Idol has launched many careers. Among the winners, first-year champ Kelly Clarkson and Season 4's Carrie Underwood have been the most successful; Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, and David Cook have also done respectably.

The Show's Biggest Success Stories

Some of American Idol's biggest success stories have actually been people who came close to winning the show, but didn't make it all the way - most notably, Clay Aiken, Chris Daughtry, and Jennifer Hudson. A surprising number of American Idol finalists have gone on to theater careers, performing in musicals on Broadway and Off-Broadway. Diana DeGarmo, Constantine Maroulis, and Ace Young are among the Idols who have enjoyed Broadway careers.

Show Was Cancelled By Fox and Then Picked Up By ABC

After 15 seasons American Idol was cancelled by FOX in 2016 due to poor ratings. After a couple of years in cancelled territory, American Idol was then picked up by ABC on March 11, 2018 for its 16th season and has continued on since then on its new channel.

CBS Television City 7800 Beverly

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Directions: Located at 7800 Beverly Boulevard in Hollywood, the main entrance to CBS Television City cannot be missed. The TV studio complex is located in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles at 7800 Beverly Boulevard, at the corner of Fairfax Avenue. The guest entrance is to the left and guest must check in with security. There is no on-site parking for guests, but local parking garages exists as well as street parking.
Studio Information

Cast Members

Lionel Richie
Luke Bryan
Ryan Seacrest

Past Cast Members

Katy Perry
Simon Cowell