Top ten worst TV shows ever taped before a live NYC studio audience and why they failed so badly

Not all TV shows are winners. Some shows are boring, some are odd, and some are just awful. Here is a brief analysis of the top ten worst shows on television taped before a live studio audience in NYC, including insight into why they failed.

Worst Shows Ever Taped in NYC:

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10. Best Time Ever

Neil Patrick Harris is beloved by many, but his variety show Best Time Ever did not live up to the name. With only a 26% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, audiences agree that this show was not his best idea. Best Time Ever was supposed to be the United States' answer to the British show, Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, but Best Time Ever never managed to take off like its British Counterpart. Best Time Ever ceased taping in early 2015.

9. Crowd Goes Wild

Crowd Goes Wild was an attempt by Regis Philbin to host a sports talk show, after his previous career as a TV game show host. Unfortunately, Philbin was received with mixed reviews, and audiences just could not connect with his alternative style of sports reporting. The sports show just could not garner a strong enough viewership, and was cancelled by Fox Sports 1. Crowd Goes Wild ended in 2014.

8. Ali & Jack

Ali & Jack seemed promising at first, with the wife of George Stephanopoulos and an NBC newsman at the helm. The lack of chemistry between the hosts soon became apparent to its viewers, which did not help the reputation of the show. The show was intended to be a competitor for Live With Regis and Kelly, but never found an audience. Ali & Jack ended in 2004, after one season and poor viewership ratings.

7. Whatever

Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer was a successful radio show before it took to live TV, but the show failed to gain a strong audience when brought to its new medium. Alexis is the only child of Martha Stewart, and Jennifer is the daughter of television executive Charles Koppelman. Whatever ended in 2011 and Alexis and Jennifer have since ended their friendship too. This was quite apparent after a particularly awkward interview on the Today Show in the following years.

6. Cold Pizza

Cold Pizza was a decent show at its core, but the show suffered from a major budget problem. The sports morning show attempted to serve up the sports news from the previous night, hence the name 'Cold Pizza'. The show was a unique mix between Good Morning America and SportsCenter, and the writers sometimes threw politics into the conversations as well. Unfortunately, Cold Pizza could not find a steady audience, and it ended in 2007.

Ali and Jack, John Edwards, Whatever , Hope and Faith, Cold Pizza
Worst TV shows ever to be taped in NYC

5. Hope and Faith

Hope and Faith was a sitcom starring Faith Ford and Kelly Ripa (of Live! with Kelly fame). The story followed Faith, a former soap opera diva who escapes the limelight to live with her sister, Hope. The premise seemed promising, but critics panned the show. The show ultimately ended in 2006 after just three seasons. After this, Kelly Ripa concentrated on hosting morning talk shows instead of working on sitcoms.

4. The Nightly Show

The Nightly Show with Larry Willmore intended to be the replacement for The Colbert Report, but was ultimately cancelled with no hope for that future. At first, the show garnered mostly positive reviews, but the show suffered after Bill Nye was featured as a guest. The show's panel showed their true colors when they berated Nye for explaining the importance of the discovery of water on Mars. This was much to the dismay of the viewers, The Nightly Show ended its airing in 2016.

3. John Edward

John Edward is an internationally known and controversial psychic. Some people swear by Edward's approach, while others believe he delivers a “cold reading”, blurting out common names until he hits one that applies to an audience member. After 9/11, Edward planned to host a TV special where he would communicate with dead victims, but was forced to cancel, following a public outrage. The show ended in 2004.

2. The Tyra Banks Show

After a successful modeling career and a stint as the host of America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks set her eyes on the talk show format for her next endeavor. The show covered topics such as makeup tips and female body image. Though the premise may seem mundane and cliché, Banks would switch it up by occasionally playing bizarre tricks on her audience, such as pretending she had contracted rabies. The Tyra Banks Show ended in 2010.

The Very Worst TV Show Ever Taped in NYC:

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1. Ainsley Harriot

Often dubbed "the poor man's Emeril Lagasse", Ainsley Harriot sought to bring a different flavor to live American cooking shows, after television success in England. Unfortunately, the comedy he brought to cooking could best be described as "stale". In a bizare twist of events, Ainsley Harriot's face has since become a recognizable meme for young internet users. The Ainsley Harriot show ended in the year 2000, after the poor viewership sunk the show.