Noteworthy information and interviews about CenterStage with Michael Kay.

Better Access To The Yankees' Roster:

The TV show CenterStage is partly owned by the YES Network (short for the Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network) Leveraging this part-ownership, CenterStage has much better access to the Yankees organization than other competing TV shows in this same genre. This can include past and current players, managers and staff of the whole Yankees organization. The Yankees organization feels that allowing their players and staff on to this TV show is low risk given that it is not likely that they will be ensnared by scandal or be the subject of a TV show expose. The only difficulty with interviewing current Yankees players is that many of the current players lack the big-name draw of former stars like Andy Pettitte, Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera.

CenterStage Has Yet To Interview Beleaguered Alex Rodriguez (AKA A-Rod):

According to sports blog's not endorsed by the Yankees or the YES Network, since A-Rod's doping scandal and subsequent re-inclusion into the Yankees roster it was indicated that A-Rod wanted to apologize to the fans, but Yankees management avoided endorsing A-Rod in many ways. The CenterStage TV show would be the perfect forum for A-Rod to face up to his unethical acts as Michael Kay would pull no punches and the show has some credibility with its affiliation with the Yankees, without being a direct connection. Currently, the Yankees are putting A-Rod on the field to play baseball because they are being forced to live up to their contractual agreement that did not provide a clause to cancel the contract for doping. The alternative could be just to bench him, but they are forced to still pay him, something the Yankees management is strongly against. All baseball contracts going forward require the ball players to stay drug-free and it will be deemed a cancelled contract if they digress. The new clause in the Yankees contract is aptly called the A-Rod Clause. The Yankees organization are not allowing A-Rod him to make any interviews or have any media coverage within the Yankees confines. His apology for cheating to fans and Yankees teammates came too little, too late and has provided him no value in the sport. The Yankees have also found that they cannot trade him due to his toxic brand image that no other team would like to own.

Notable Famous Sports Personality Interviews:

Derek Jeter, Bill Parcells, Ray Lewis, Tom Watson, Cris Carter, Al Michaels, Andy Pettitte, David Wells, Mariano Rivera, Mark Messier, Wayne Gretzky, Julius Erving, Bobby Orr, Jimmy Connors, Earl Monroe, Tom Coughlin, Venus Williams, Kurt Warner, Jim Calhoun, Bud Selig, Greg Norman, Jim Abbott, Joe Torre, Shaquille O Neill, Joe Frazier, Larry Brown, Ray Lewis, Patrick Ewing, Martin Brodeur and Jim Brown.

Notable Famous Non-Sports Interviews:

James Caan, John Turturro, Jay-Z, Mike Tyson, Jay Mohr, Ray Romano, Carson Daly, Rob Reiner, Don Zimmer, Ron Howard, Rachael Ray, Billy Crystal, Richard Gere, Tracy Morgan, Charlie Sheen, John Cusack, Dan Rather, Matthew Broderick, Regis Philbin, Howie Mandel, William Shatner, Bobby Cannavale and Adam Sandler.

There are many famous shows that are often re-broadcast including interviews with Derek Jeter, Joe Torre and David Wells. Other notable shows include Rachael Ray's interview, where she appears to quite lethargic during the show.