James Clark


CEO of TVTaping James Clark

James Clark

CEO and President

James Clark developed a deep-seated passion for television from a young age. His parents often worked late into the night so the television often acted as a best friend and mentor for James as he awaited his parents return. Though unsure of what his future had in store for him, James knew he wanted to work in the television industry. He went on to attend Ohio State University and graduated with a BA in broadcasting. After being a part of several television crews over the next few years, James discovered that the general public was largely unaware of how to attend live TV show tapings. Seeing this as an opportunity with untapped potential, James created TVTaping.com, the number one source of live TV Show information in NYC. James would go on to develop his website further and hopes to instill his love of television into as many people as possible, but faces an uphill battle with the decline of TV amongst the younger demographic, who often do not own a TV at all.

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