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Vice President of TVTaping Evelyn Wilson

Evelyn Wilson

Vice President

Evelyn Wilson grew up in Albany, New York, where she dreamed of one day becoming a famous novel writer. She had always loved storytelling of all kinds, whether it was from television or novels, but the creative writing bug never bit her. Evelyn wanted to play a role in the development of storytelling however she could, so she would go on to study marketing at Georgetown University with the goal of helping the next generation of writers gain knowledge and exposure. Shortly after graduating, Evelyn began acting on those goals, and helped media companies such as HBO develop marketing strategies to launch several popular television shows like The Sopranos. Evelyn is a fantasy show fan and regrets leaving HBO before having the opportunity to assist on the production of Game of Thrones. Although she is not too upset about her past employment decisions, as she still loves being a part of the TVTaping family, she would love to go back for just one day and help HBO on their next ground breaking project.

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