The Maury Show, The Jerry Springer Show, and The Steve Wilkos Show have moved from New York City and Chicago and are now taping in Stamford, Connecticut

The Maury Show, The Jerry Springer Show, and The Steve Wilkos Show have re-located to Stamford, CT as a money-saving measure.

For some time now, most American TV talk shows have taped in one of three cities: Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York City. But recently, an unlikely contender threw its hat into the ring: Stamford, Connecticut.

Three Big TV Shows Move to Stamford CT

In early 2009, NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution announced that three of its daytime talk shows would be pulling up stakes and moving to a new television studio at the Rich Forum Theater in Stamford, Connecticut. The Maury Povich Show would leave its longtime home of New York City, while Chicago's Jerry Springer Show and its recent "spin-off" The Steve Wilkos Show would head East. Jerry Springer, whose show had practically become a Chicago institution, put up the biggest fuss, ultimately agreeing to the move (rather than lose his show completely) but petitioning NBC to ensure that as many of the show's employees as possible could make the move to Stamford.

Why Make the Move?

It may seem strange that NBC would re-locate its popular daytime TV talk shows from their comfortable homes in major metropolises to relatively small Stamford. The reasons for the move can be summed up in three words: Money, money, money. If you have ever wondered why so many movies film in Vancouver and Toronto, it has all to do with financial incentives that those cities create for the purpose of luring productions to them. Watching the clever Canadians profiting off of American film and TV production, most U.S. states have started trying to get in on the action, offering enticing tax incentives to companies that film there (and, consequently, spend lots of money locally, hire local employees, and generate tourism for the host city). Connecticut made NBC an offer it couldn't refuse, and as a result, Jerry, Maury, and Steve have to settle into new digs. The governor is excited about the move as 150 to 200 jobs are created and $3 million of infrastructure improvement in the theater brought by the resulting studios that "can become tourist attractions in their own right." The Governer goes on to state it will "enhance its reputation as a leader in the entertainment industry."

Where Are These Famous Shows Taping?

All three shows now tape in in the intimate setting of the Leonhardt Studio at the Rich Forum Theater at 307 Atlantic Street in Stamford, CT. There is parking available next to the Rich Forum Theater on Tresser Blvd.

Potential Downside Of The Move

The initial financial benefits of the Stamford relocation are undeniable (we're talking millions in production savings ), but the question is: Will Stamford be able to provide a steady stream of audiences and guests necessary for a daytime talk show? Let's face it, The Maury Show and Jerry Springer are not renowned for being classy shows with big budgets. These TV shows thrive on a parade of often trashy guests whose primary interests tend to be brawling and paternity tests. Highly-populated metropolitan areas like Chicago and New York City, which both also happen to be prime tourist destinations, are better able to churn out the requisite number of people who like to air their dirty laundry on TV - and, more importantly, the people who like to watch them. It's hard to imagine that little old Stamford (population 117,000) will be able to produce enough people to regularly fill the audience of one of those shows, let alone all three. The production cost savings of moving these TV shows to this location may be far outweighed by the increase in costs of flying all the guests and transporting an audience from more urban locations. In New York City, some TV shows have found it hard to get audiences to come out to Silvercup Studios, which is only five miles outside the city, so Stamford may be a producer's nightmare. No comment from the audience coordinator at this point.

New York City Is Just a Train Ride Away

Fortunately, even though it's in Connecticut, Stamford is considered a part of New York City's major metropolitan area. It's possible to get from Grand Central Terminal in NYC to Stamford in just 45 minutes by Metro North Railroad train. If Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos, and Maury Povich's New York-based fans are motivated enough to pay the extra money and don't mind a bit of a train ride, then the move might turn out to have been a good choice.